About Us

At Center Church we strive to be fixed on Jesus. 


fixed [fikst ] adjective
_fastened, attached, or placed so as to be firm and
not readily movable; stationary; rigid.
_rendered stable or permanent.
_set or intent upon something; steadily directed.
_definitely and permanently placed.
_not fluctuating or varying; definite.
_supplied with or having enough of something necessary or wanted."

At Center Church we strive to fix all of our ministry, worship, service, and our very selves upon Jesus. Outside of Him, there is no satisfaction in life nor hope in death. The most urgent need of all people everywhere is to hear and believe the good news about Jesus and to then live a life fixed on Him.

How? Together. No one person in isolation can truly be fixed on Jesus.  

  • Gathering Together on Sundays 
  • Living Life Together 
  • Serving Together 
  • Studying the Bible Together
  • Spreading the Good News Together 

Here at Center Church we believe a life fixed on Jesus can never be wasted. 


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