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Two Things I Say

Posted by Godfrey Ebright on

Last time I wrote about two places I go: the Cross and the Throne of Grace. This time I want to write about two simple things I say. I say them to the Lord as I make my way through each day. These are thoughts I put together as I was preparing to share with the small group I lead, how I experience my relationship with Christ in daily living.  

I think you would agree that as believers in Jesus we want to do more than claim we have a relationship with Christ. We want to experience it. We want to be aware of his presence. You might also agree that however we go about this, we need to keep it simple. Life is already difficult and Christ didn't come into the world to make it more so. In fact, he's on record as having said,"My yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:30)  It's in that spirit that I share with you two simple things I say to the Lord that help me stay connected with him. The first is, "I trust you." The second is, "I thank you."   

With respect to the first, I trust his help. His help can take many forms: he leads, he supplies, he strengthens. These and others fall under the heading of help. And I need his help. Some are cynically of the opinion that Christians use Christ as a crutch. My response: they don't know the half of it. My need for help sometimes goes beyond a crutch to something more like a stretcher. I trust Christ for the help I need, and so the first of the two simple things I say to him as I proceed through my day is, "I trust you." 

The second thing I say to him is, "I thank you." Good relationships are reciprocal. Both parties give. This holds true in my relationship with Christ. He gives me help each day, I give him thanks. Frankly, gratitude is at the heart of my relationship with Christ. He is my Dearest Friend, my God and my Savior, my Shepherd and my Helper, and I thank him. 

Well, there you have it, two simple things I say to the Lord as I walk with him along the way. "I trust you, I thank you." Come to think of it, these are prayers in that prayer is simply talking to God. And now there is another that comes to mind. I say it to him often in addition to the two things I have been writing about. You'll find it in Psalm 18,verse 1, the first three words.  



Godfrey Ebright is an active member of and Small Group leader here at Center Church. He brings over 35 years of experience as a former pastor to his leadership and writing. Godfrey and his wife Lorraine live in Gilbert.


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